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Hydro Gen Trading Co, offers Hydro culture indoor plants supply and providing a full range of Green wall system, soft and hard landscape installation, and garden maintenance services to major corporate companies, banks, Complexes As well as Home owners in Kuwait, We pride ourselves not just on being interior and Exterior landscape designers; we are also certified contractors as well. We specialize in the design and installation of aesthetic environments.

Hydro Gen Trading Co works with a philosophy that the quality of Indoor and outdoor spaces directly influences our lives. We are passionate, driven, and unwilling to compromise on quality.

Gen Trading Co. through employing a specialized team of Interior and exterior landscape Design, Hydro Culture Plants, Irrigation & maintenance , We Offering quality landscaped garden/outdoor area, combinations of hard landscaped outdoor Seating areas, water features, plant areas and contemporary design elements

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We bring a sense of professionalism into every project that we handle. Our emphasis is to fulfill customer's requirements and ensure their satisfaction through provision of quality service at all times.

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Our team of experienced architects.

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horticulturists provide specialist.

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Dedicated landscape architects.

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Retailing specialist.

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