Gardening Contracts

The landscape both internal and external is one of the most attractive features in place of public or private locations. In kuwait Most of the plants are indigenous (Exotic) which requires a special day to day attention and care depends on the extreme climatical conditions. Maintaining such special plants in the large landscape area is an enormously and challenging task.

Whereas maintaining such an extraordinary landscape areas in an attractive and satisfactory way need boundless efforts. Our professional teams in the field of external Landscape, Hydro plants and central control auto irrigation system will do a wonderful job by implementing there all efforts and care to maintain its originality and pleasant appearance.Our highly qualified and professional Staff and well trained technical Team will execute their great attention and compliment their solid work to keep the mall with attractive greenery lush look as it is.

Here with I am submitting the Technical Specifications, and General Requirements based on my past 5 years practical experience and reality based data’s