Landscaping Projects

The Interior Landscape designers at HGTC work with clients in two arenas: First, where you begin, and second, what you wish to accomplish. HGTC will survey the space and work with you, the client, to understand the goal of the interiorscape project. Whether employee retention, attracting new clients, professional image, branding concerns, or customer loyalty are your challenges, Evergreen Interiors, Inc. is here to provide the solution

HGTC. Offering Interior Landscaping services in Kuwait for over 12 years. We offer our clients plant maintenance service, design of spaces, holiday decorations, ability to purchase foliage or put their interior landscaping services on a rental basis. We specialize Hydro Culture office plants in The Woodlands and all areas in a Kuwait. We are a medium sized company with 7 years of expertise to handle your plant maintenance services.

About Our Landscaping services

Our technicians are trained in horticulture, design and knowledge to care for your plants. Our technicians are trained and participate in CEU classes yearly to enhance their individual knowledge and necessary skills. The training process that our technicians are subjected to enable them to properly use the correct amount of water to keep your foliage and tropical plants looking beautiful at all times.

HGTC create a landscaping design that will enhance your business identity and strengthen your corporate image. Our proven landscaping skills combined with our knowledge of indoor office plant specimens and proper live plant maintenance and service will energize your interior office landscape design. Combine tropical plants with the decorative planters and other site furnishings — such as water fountains, river beds and retaining walls — and your guests and employees will be delighted with your plant investment and inviting atmosphere

Interior plants can enhance your office with one of our small indoor plants in Sugar Land. People find solace in spaces being decorated with a variety of greenery. Studies show that the presence of plants in the work area can lower the amount of days sick, reduce stress while viewing their workspace in a more positive way.

Bring life to a dreary conference room or reception area by adding exotic plants in pots in The Woodlands. The presence of green plants will also invigorate your clients and visitors.

With the use of canes and a variety of colors and the placement of the individual plants, there can be a renewed efficiency in the workplace. Plants not only leave a lasting impression, they enhance the character to your work place while keeping everything esthetically in