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Indoor Plants Maintenance Services

If you want to make your indoor areas more like a green paradise, our indoor plants maintenance services in Kuwait can help you out. You don’t need to worry about taking care of various plants; we’ll do that for you. At Kuwait, we’re the ones you can rely on for excellent indoor plant maintenance. Our service centers are conveniently located all over Kuwait, and we are committed to making plant care easy for you.

Our interior plant care services

Our indoor plants care and maintenance services offers a wide variety of high-quality foliage and blooming HydroCulture plants which we import from Holland. These specially adapted plants are designed to thrive in your specific indoor environment. Our services includes

Clay pebbles

As the foundation of hydroculture systems, clay pebbles act as a soil replacement and provide exceptional benefits. Moisture and nutrients are well retained by these porous expanding pellets. They are inert and free of soil-borne pests, providing adequate oxygenation at the root zone and providing solid support for your plant’s growth. Although clay pebbles are popular, inert materials like as perlite are also acceptable possibilities in hydroculture systems.

Culture pots

These are similar to conventional plant pots, but they have a unique feature: a recess for a water level indicator. This indicator provides a clear picture of your plant’s water levels, indicating when it’s time for a fertiliser solution.

Liners for pots

Pot liners are essential in hydroculture and other gardening methods because they make plant movement between pots easier. They also waterproof exhibition pots, promoting manageable root zone development in huge outer containers.

Water level indicator

These indicators are designed specifically for culture pots and display minimum, maximum, and ideal water levels. They take the guesswork out of watering by accurately indicating when to feed your plants.

Indoor Hydro Plants and Fertiliser

The inert growing media used in hydroculture deprives plants of nutrients. As a result, specialised fertilisers are developed for hydroponic applications, ensuring critical ingredients for optimal plant growth at various stages of development. Our indoor plant management services provide expert care and attention to ensure that your plants thrive and remain healthy.

House Plant Maintenance Services

At hydroplants, we take pride in not only providing top-tier indoor plants for commercial spaces but extending our expertise to cater to the unique needs of residential households. Our commitment to offering exceptional house plant maintenance services is designed to enhance the indoor environment of homes, ensuring a vibrant and healthy atmosphere.


Our services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of residential spaces, acknowledging the importance of creating a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality within a household. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to adorn your living spaces with greenery or seeking to revitalize your indoor environment, our expert plant care services are here to meet your needs.


We understand that the demands of residential settings differ from commercial spaces, which is why our team is dedicated to providing personalized solutions. From selecting the perfect plants that complement your interior decor to implementing meticulous care routines, we aim to create an ambiance that fosters relaxation, clean air, and a visually appealing living space.


Choose us for your house plant maintenance needs, and let us transform your residential space into a haven of natural beauty, fostering a healthier and more inviting atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

Why Should You Invest in Interior Plant Care services?

Investing in interior plant care services goes beyond mere aesthetics. Not only do they enhance the ambiance of your space, but the choice to opt for hydroponic plant care offers a range of practical benefits. By utilizing hydroponic systems, you’re taking a step towards a cleaner, more efficient, and low-maintenance approach to plant care. Let’s explore the factors that why you should invest in our indoor plant maintenance services.

  • Minimal Mess: Because hydroponic systems are cleaner than traditional soil, they make spill cleaning easier and reduce the chance of furniture discoloration.
  • Health-Aware: By reducing allergens, these systems produce a non-allergic atmosphere, supporting a healthier environment.
  • Low Maintenance:Because the growing media in hydroponic systems does not need to be replaced, maintenance efforts are reduced.
  • These systems encourage robust and healthier plant growth by ensuring optimal root aeration.
  • Simple Monitoring:These systems, which are equipped with water level indicators, simplify plant care by offering clear visibility into hydration requirements.
  • Plants in hydroponic systems require less frequent transplanting, which reduces labor-intensive activities.
  • Pest-Free Environment:Because these installations are free of soil pests, they provide a pest-free indoor environment without the need of toxic pesticides.
  • Chemical-Free Maintenance:These systems give a natural and eco-friendly way to care for your plants by eliminating the need for fungicides, insecticides, and weed killers.

Why Choose Hydroplants For Your Indoor Plants Maintenance Services?

With two decades of specialized experience in indoor plant maintenance services, our team comprises expert technicians trained in horticulture and design. Regular participation in yearly CEU classes sharpens their skills, enabling precise care, especially in water management for lush and vibrant foliage. Our commitment to staying updated ensures your indoor plants consistently look their best.

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