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Our Green Wall Solutions range has been developed to meet the needs of architects, developers, contractors and building managers, providing a host of design, installation cost and maintenance benefits.

Over recent years, we have also established a network of strategic partners, including horticultural, irrigation and maintenance experts, with whom we are able to deliver a seamless solution for even the most complex Green Wall projects.

This comprehensive support package includes full technical assistance to help customers select the right system to fully meet their project needs, with a full design supply and installation service, if required.

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Vertical Green

Just a few of the many uses of Green Wall panels include:

  • Exterior Walls of Buildings
  • Interior Walls of Stores and Offices
  • Company Logos
  • Billboards and Signs
  • Exhibition Booths at Fairs and Trade Shows
  • Special Event Promotions
  • Roof Gardens and Open space areas

Vertical Green

What is a Green Wall?

A green wall is a vertical garden that is pre-planted in panels and then attached to the exterior or interior facade of buildings. Plants stay intact in their vertical positions because their root structures are anchored in 2-4 inches of soil kept within the panel, although there are some systems which are soil less. Sedums are the most common plant used in exterior living wall applications, displaying beautiful succulent leaves and blossoms in spring and summer however, there are many plant options available.

Green Walls can be installed on the interior and on the exterior. What makes green walls so interesting is that you can have different kinds of plants – you can have different

Vertical Green

Green Wall Panel Systems

HGTC currently offers the Sage Vertical Garden System developed by U.K.-based BioTecture Ltd, Pro Wall™ developed by GSky® Plant Systems. These systems are designed to be used in outdoor or indoor spaces, in any climate.
Since the plants are pre-grown into the panels, our team can work with you to create a customized pattern, logo, or scene.

Indoor Hydro Plants

Green Wall Tray Systems

The Tray Wall is a solution that’s perfect for indoor environments such as building lobbies, reception areas, and high traffic locations. Its versatility makes it ideal to meet the needs of many different living wall applications. The system can cover an entire wall surface or become a beautiful framed piece of living green art.
1. Trays: Recycled polypropylene trays in 8 pot or 3 pot configurations
2. Backing Board: Water resistant board onto which the trays are stacked
3. Irrigation System: Vertical ebb n’ flow irrigation system can be direct plumbed and drained via sanitary line or recirculated by holding tanks
4. Water Reservoir Tanks: Stored within the base of the wall, these tanks can be auto filled from a building water supply line, or manually filled by the service technician.
5. Plants: Industry standard 4” pots, plants are not removed from their pots, they are placed into each tray within the provided indentations

Indoor Hydro Plants

Green Wall Live Divider

LiveDivider instantly adds privacy, ambient noise reduction, and a relaxing environment to any open environment with the power of plants. This freestanding living wall room divider adds aesthetics and function to any space, offering a visual barrier. With a dual-sided green wall design you can add plants to your facility without taking up floor space. The LiveDivider’s water-efficient design effectively uses a cotton wick system to deliver water to the plant root by capillary action, keeping plants lush and healthy. This modern living wall system is a solution for anyone facing the challenge of creating zones and dividing spaces.
1. Aesthetic and function: A dual-sided green wall design that transforms an open space with a visually stunning focal point
2. Versatile: Needs no electricity or plumbing, allowing for ultimate flexibility
3. Improve your environment: Living plants naturally improve well-being and productivity
4. Enhance your Image: Delight and inspire people with green engineering